One block of wood can lead to everything

Minecraft Production Tree (click to link to a big version of this pic)

The first unit is wood it can lead to sticks after being crafted to wooden planks
wooden planks can be crafted into a pick axe or built into a house
once you have your pickaxe you can mine cobble stone, then iron, then gold, then diamond,
then you will start to find caves and dungeons with many monster spawners or bacon spawners that will spawn pigs.

If you are not playing on peaceful while mining, you must bring several torches and I mean like 1000.


So that monsters can’t spawn.

What happens if a monster spawns?

it will kill you.

What happens if you are killed?

You have to spawn/start over somewhere else unless you have a bed.

Tip: Try to have your house barriered with torches while you are building in easy or above if not a creeper might spawn nearby and blow up your house. That did not happen to my brother but my brother did have zombies crash into him. That will kill you too.


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I live with my family in the sunny southwest. This blog is an extension of my day job as a school librarian. I hope to inspire my kiddoes to learn and explore by sharing books, adventures, projects and inspiring news.
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