So you want to play Minecraft

Good Decison. Let’s get started.

I learned to play minecraft by:

  • reading the wiki
  • asking my friends questions
  • watching videos
  • reading blogs online

I want my friends to play with me. If your mom or dad want to know how to begin, my notes can help.

The first thing you need to do is visit the Wiki.

Now you buy an account. I bought the PC version.

This means I can:

  • play multiplayer
  • switch between creative and survivor mode with too many items mod
  • have way more blocks (makes for interesting crafting, allowing you to sleep through the night in a few seconds and using stronger tools to mine, making you more efficient. Minecraft can be tedious–mining obsidian, even with a diamond pickaxe!!!)

I don’t know which version is right for you. I don’t have an xbox. It gives me a good game experience on the PC.

I like to play multiplayer on my friend’s server. It is completely survival mode.


About k8librarian

I live with my family in the sunny southwest. This blog is an extension of my day job as a school librarian. I hope to inspire my kiddoes to learn and explore by sharing books, adventures, projects and inspiring news.
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