Comment and tell me what you would like a tutorial about

This is a list of things I can write about

  1. Easy, Normal & Hard Houses
  2. Enchantment
  3. Death Traps for Monsters
  4. Dungeons
  5. Modes (Survival, Creative and Hardcore). I like Survival mode the best. It is way more challenging unless you have the TooManyItems mod. When I started I liked Creative mode the best.
  6. Mods (I want the Cheat Mod and the Single Player commands mod but I don’t have them yet)
  7. My favorite Tools are the diamond pick axe.
  8. Furnaces
  9. Chests
  10. Having a Pet (such as a dog or a cat, which is very hard to tame)
  11. Making a Rollercoaster or Mine cart station
  12. Water
  13. Doors
  14. Pressure Plates
  15. Switches

Right now I am most interested in red stone and brewing.

I will write about what you ask me if I can.


About k8librarian

I live with my family in the sunny southwest. This blog is an extension of my day job as a school librarian. I hope to inspire my kiddoes to learn and explore by sharing books, adventures, projects and inspiring news.
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